Day 12 of XL Inferno: Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker Wins Quarterback

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The twelfth day of the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships saw another 14 events come to a close. Among the notable winners were well-known poker pros Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker and Steven “Kale333” van Zadelhoff. You can read about their respective victories as well as all the Day 12 winners below.

Here’s the list for the first ten days of the XL Inferno:

Day 1 - 16 tournaments finish and award $1,177,180.75 in prize money

Day 2 – 13 titles awarded; “V.BlomFan60” wins Event #20 Crocodile

Day 3 – Anton “anteen” Bertilsson captures second XL Inferno title

Day 4 -- “mne_d0edet1” & “FouEnculePL” win big

Day 5 -- “bananove” wins Event #62 $100,000 Quarterback for $28,240.55

Day 6 -- Brazil’s “LeoJoseCarne” captures two of those titles in one day

Day 7 -- Alexandru “alexos888” Baron finds redemption

Day 8 -- Vietnam’s “B4NKR0LL3R” claims second title

Day 9 -- Sweden’s Robin “Inho” Ylitalo wins Crocodile

Day 10 -- “spud_gun888” Wins Super High Roller for $186,300

Day 11 – Third final table’s charm for Doug “PulledPorker” Lang

Steven “Kale333” van Zadelhoff Takes Down Event #143 $5,000 Turbo Americas

In what was a spillover event from Day 10, in that it started in the early morning hours of what would be Day 11 of the XL Inferno, Steven “Kale333” van Zadelhoff topped a field of 97 players to win Event #143 $5,000 Turbo Americas.

It marked his sixth cash of the XL Inferno with his previous best finish being 19th in Event #110 $20,000 Crocodile for $298.50.

Originally from the Netherlands, van Zadelhoff is one of the most famous Dutch players in the world. In the live arena, he has nearly $1.5 million in tournament earnings including a career best $148,588 for winning the 2009 Spanish Poker Tour Grand Finale in Canaria.

More recently, van Zadelhoff was in Panama back in March where he placed second in a $2,200 No-Limit Hold’em event for $45,660. Now he’s added a coveted XL Inferno title to his poker résumé.

Event #143 Final Table Results

1 Steven “Kale333” van Zadelhoff (Malta) $1,537.50
2 “LadiesQQs” (Canada) $1,045.50
3 “m1ymaker” (Netherlands) $799.50
4 “BobbyW519” (Canada) $568.87
5 “stockfish9” (Uruguay) $399.75
6 “kinsQ” (Russia) $322.87
7 “tinoloa200” (Canada) $261.37
8 “DibreBruxo” (Brazil) $215.25
9 “LAlpine” (Argentina) $169.12

Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker a Superstar Quartreback

Event #152 $100,000 Quarterback drew 587 players, which surpassed the advertised guarantee by creating a $138,650 prize pool. The tournament awarded the largest prize of the day -- $26,190.98 to be exact – and it went to well-known poker pro Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker, who claimed the title after 10 hours and 41 minutes of play.

Muhlocker currently sits first on Austria’s all-time money list with just shy of $3.5 million in earnings. That includes a career-high 522,633 for winning the EPT10 Barcelona High Roller. He’s also notched five other six-figure scores in High Roller events.

Muhlocker’s win came after he defeated a tough final table that included young pros Jan “hownorez” Nakladal and Adrian “ADRI_ATM” Mateos, as well as Brazil’s “PudimSedutor,” who earlier in the day claimed a XL Inferno title himself after winning Event #146 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish for $4,011.86.

Event #152 Final Table Results

1 Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker (Austria) $26,190.98
2 “StuntSoHard” (Netherlands) $18,995.05
3 “AshTheSlave” (Croatia) $14,003.65
4 Jan “hownorez” Nakladal (N/A) $10,537.40
5 “AUTISPOSTI” (Malta) $7,403.91
6 Adrian “ADRI_ATM” Mateos (UK) $5,892.62
7 “KellerA” (Germany) $4,506.12
8 “kbelik48o” (Netherlands) $3,119.62
9 “PudimSedutor” (Brazil) $2,079.75

Day12 XL Inferno Champions

Day 12 of the XL Inferno saw 14 more players add their names to the history books, each of who locked up a seat into the XL Champion of Champions tournament. Thus far, 154 seats have been awarded for that event which will see three lucky winners receive packages to the 2017 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

  • Event #143 $5,000 Turbo Americas (97 players/$6,150 prize pool) won by Steven “Kale333” van Zadelhoff (Malta) for $1,537.50
  • Event #144 $10,000 Lightning 6-Max (139 players/$20,600 prize pool) won by “edtastylez92” (Austria) for $5,356
  • Event #145 $15,000 Breeze (487 players/$24,350 prize pool) won by “youler” (UK) for $4,626.50
  • Event #146 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish (806 players/$22,165 prize pool) won by “PudimSedutor” (Brazil) for $4,011.86
  • Event #147 $20,000 Crocodile (292 players/$43,800 prize pool) won by “SleepinAwake” (Canada) for $8,475.30
  • Event #149 $60,000 R&A (618 players/$76,050 prize pool) won by “edyvpakistan” (Russia) for $14,365.84
  • Event #150 $10,000 Mini R&A (1,082 players/$12,649 prize pool) won by “Speil13” (Russia) for $2,211.04
  • Event #151 $20,000 Monsoon (669 players/$33,450 prize pool) won by “AllanSheik” (Brazil) for $6,271.87
  • Event #152 $100,000 Quarterback (587 players/$138,650 prize pool) won by Thomas “WushuTM” Muhlocker (Austria) for $26,190.98
  • Event #153 $30,000 Mini Quarterback (856 players/$39,250 prize pool) won by “Lucky_Frutti” (Russia) for $7,104.25
  • Event #154 $25,000 Thursday Challenge R&A (922 players/$29,789.70 prize pool) won by “Duraircwb” (UK) for $5,362.14
  • Event #155 $15,000 Tornado (173 players/$23,700 prize pool) won by ”Fukuruku” (Ukraine) for $5,095.50
  • Event #156 $30,000 Turbo Quarterback (275 players/$31,075 prize pool) won by “dontis10” (Greece) for $6,354.83

The XL Inferno runs for just three more days, so be sure to check back tomorrow for a full recap of all the Day 13 winners.

Day#13 – I’m Gonna Knock You Out

Friday will see 11 more events take place with buy-ins ranging from $30 up to $160. The daily Lightning 6-Max, Breeze, Deepstack Swordfish, and Crocodile are all on the schedule, as are two knockout events.

Both the $150 buy-in Event #163 $30,000 Knockout and $35 buy-in Event #164 $15,000 Mini Knockout will get underway at 18:00, while two hours later the $75 buy-in Event #167 $10,000 Turbo Knockout will kick off.

In addition, there the $35 buy-in Event #165 $25,000 Friday Challenge will take place at 18:35 followed by the $109 buy-in Event #166 $15,000 Tornado at 19:00.

Click here for the full schedule of 888poker’s BIGGEST series to date.